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If pitching is treated as a business process it is possible to reduce internal costs and win more pitches. It will also give your business more time to focus on servicing client requirements and generating higher profits.

How does it work?

The Pitch Factory process is effective and efficient, and derived from years of pitching experience in many sectors. The process ensures each pitch situation is prepared for properly. It identifies what is most important to the client. It helps structure presentations and meeting agendas so the message communicated is clearer and more easily understood. It helps the pitch team select the most appropriate language, tone of voice and style, and teaches them how to describe products and services in ways that are compelling and persuasive, and therefore more attractive to the client.

The process impacts the entire sales and business development process, including informal meetings, where company credentials are presented and the value of products and services are explained and discussed, as well as formal pitches and presentations to senior executives of the client or to a panel, in response to a written ITT or RFP.

The process has 5 steps:

  • Purpose
  • Audience and Language
  • Subject Matter and Content
  • Planning and Structure
  • Delivery

Each step is designed to challenge the pitch team to think through their approach, so by the time they prepare notes or a presentation, they are not only clear what they need to talk about, they also have a much clearer idea as to how they will communicate key messages, and describe the benefits and value of the proposition they are putting forward. This clear-minded approach delivers more persuasive and more compelling pitches, saves time and costs, and increases the likelihood of winning.

Each process step is clearly defined, and supported by documentation and guidance notes, examples and tools designed to make it as easy to apply in the real world of work.

It is not a “One Size Fits All” approach

The Pitch Factory process is derived from real experience gained helping client’s win pitches over many years, in many pitch situations and in many industries and sectors. It is practical and effective, which is why following it produces results.

The process works well in light-touch situations, such as informal meetings, as well as heavier lifting larger-scale pitch projects, where the stakes are higher, and the level of involvement and internal resource commitments are also higher. The difference between light-touch and large-scale is not in the process per se, but in the level of detail and time spent on each step.

What are the benefits of implementing the Pitch Factory Process?

This approach has two important benefits:


Clear company-wide processes are more efficient than managing numerous custom approaches because:

      • Adding people to a pitch teams becomes easy, because everyone has a common understanding of the process
      • Integrating multi-disciplinary teams is possible because teams won't have developed their own custom processes, and are therefore able to work effectively together from day 1
      • Training is minimised for new employees
      • The process produces a clearly structured presentation or content plan, which is focused on the key points that need to be discussed with a client in the specific meeting situation. Therefore, content and presentation materials are not produced for the sake of it. Instead, content is automatically confined to telling the story. This significantly reduces the workload of the pitch team by comparison to a more generalised approach


The approach is more effective because:

  • Proposals and presentations, written the Pitch Factory way, are more compelling because they tell a clear, well thought-through story, which is entirely focused on explaining how the solution will meet client-needs
  • The Pitch Factory process enhances the quality of proposals and presentations, because they become more punchy and succinct, and are designed to create the best and most positive impact on the client
  • This more structured approach, whereby each person presenting has a clear role and message to communicate, enhances the presentation capabilities of the entire team – even those who are the least confident. Having structure and clearly defined content shifts presentation success away from being solely a question of individual performance


Implementation ensures a company is able to rapidly adapt to new methodologies and working practices through a package of training and support, which ensures adoption is smooth and seamless.

The combination of training, delivered directly by Pitch Factory or through a train-the-trainer approach, and access to information overcomes the implementation hurdle.

Clients will have access to customised online resources explaining how the process works, to be able to access self-learning tutorials, download and use business tools and read reference materials, which will ensure everyone understands the new approach and how to apply it in practice.

The approach is, in some ways, quite simple. The training provides knowledge and equips individuals, and the process provides the mechanism for the company as a whole to implement the new way of working, company-wide.