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Courses are run for clients in small groups to teach communication skills to business leaders, professionals and people in business development. The focus of the training is on pitching, storytelling and presenting. The 1-day courses are practical. They have been written for people who are on the front line of promoting a company’s products and services, and are focused on developing skills and capabilities that can be applied immediately at work.

Online coaching is also available to individuals through FaceTime, Skype and Webex.

Structured Courses

Both the Pitching an Idea and Storytelling courses are CPD-accredited, so delegates will collect CPD points attending them. Courses usually last one day, to provide delegates the opportunity to perfect their approach, revise content and present several times.

However, it can sometimes be difficult for some delegates to squish one days’ training into a busy diary, and therefore it is possible to arrange training as multiple half-day sessions.

Throughout the day, presentations will usually be filmed and critiqued to aid learning. The films are subsequently packaged up, and access is provided to the delegate via Vimeo, an on-line streaming service. Delegates also receive a personal improvement plan, to help them take the new skills they have learned into the everyday world of work quickly and easily.

Structured courses include:

(1) Pitching-an-Idea - How to deliver a winning pitch (CPD-accredited)

(2) Storytelling – how to talk coherently about business (CPD-accredited)

(3) Performing - build confidence and improve delivery of your presentations

(4) Custom Built - Tailored company-specific courses that pull in aspects of the three courses above, and usually use existing client-specific content.

Links to pages with further details about each course can be found under the top menu. 


Pitches are won with good delivery at the final presentation, but clear thinking also drives success. Clear thinking means more than fully understanding what the client has asked for. Successful pitches go beyond this, because they draw on sector knowledge, the experience of the team, and take account of the performance of the client’s business and their stated ambitions and strategy.

It is therefore not enough to address only stated client needs. Success comes through a compelling solution that also adds deeper value, which identifies gaps and problems in your client’s thinking, and demonstrates how you will fill them.

Underpinning this deeper approach to pitching is a business process that can be learned and applied regardless of the industry sector you work in, and the courses have been written to teach the three essential and distinct aspects of this process, namely: pitching, storytelling and presenting.

Presentation Style

Over the years, a number of methods have suggested there is a winning formula to presenting that, once learned, is guaranteed to bring success. Thinking presentations are formulaic ignores individuality and personality, and promotes an approach that is constraining and often produces quite artificial results. This is, therefore, not how presentation skills are taught on Pitch Factory courses.

Instead, the focus is on teaching people to present 'in their own skin' because it gets the best out of people, and builds confidence. This approach embraces a person's background, culture, language and personality as a package; and therefore attempts to achieve the best result, and return on training investment, by focusing on building personal confidence and authentic presentation capabilities.